Environmental Policy Statement  
FPS adopts a conscientious approach to environmental issues and regularly reviews the working practices to ensure that the company is fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation for the type of business.

As a paper converter / merchant the company does not manufacture any products and therefore the impact on the environment is as limited as that of any purpose built office.

Waste Management :

Waste paper is recovered from the converted paper and boards. The waste generated is only roll damages and trims. All the process waste generated in paper conversion is properly segregated and baled in house and dispatched to paper mills for repulping. Any packaging waste generated is also baled and send to paper mills for repulping.

Energy Efficiency Including conservation by energy saving measures

The premises are purpose built modern buildings which meet high standards for energy efficiency having own parking area and maintained grounds that are clean, well kept and sympathetic to the local environment. The heating, lighting and water supplies are all maintained in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Employees are actively encouraged to ensure that all lights and other electrical equipment are powered off when not in use.

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